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Self-Employed Solutions

While many Canadians take advantage of self-employment opportunities, those who are self-employed sometimes face roadblocks when they are in the market to obtain personal financing, such as a mortgage or vehicle loan.

Challenges of Self-Employment Financing

Proving self-employment income and demonstrating income stability for the future can pose challenges for new business owners. The nature of self-employment can sometimes cast them as poor credit risks, despite having a more stable income source than traditional 9-to-5 employees.

Evolving Mortgage Programs for Self-Employed Individuals

Canadian mortgage lenders are recognizing the significance of self-employment in our culture and are introducing tailored mortgage programs. These programs cater specifically to the self-employed, providing financing options for primary residences and even vacation homes. Licensed mortgage professionals specialize in assisting self-employed individuals, ensuring access to the best mortgage solutions offered by some of Canada's largest lenders. Obtaining a mortgage for self-employed individuals has become more accessible than ever, with modern mortgage products structured to support both business success and personal life.

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