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Multi- Family Residential

As Canada experiences population growth, the demand for multi-family residential housing is soaring, and Canadian Capital is at the forefront, pioneering financing solutions for this sector.

Let Canadian Capital be your go-to for multi-family financing solutions. With market expertise and dedication to excellence, receive tailored financing options aligned with your investment horizon and goals. From CMHC Programs like MLI Select to conventional and specialized financing, trust Canadian Capital to guide you through every step for success in your ventures.

Our Comprehensive Range of Financing Solutions

Conventional Financing

Standard Financing: We help you secure traditional mortgage loans from banks and credit unions, tailored to creditworthiness and property value.

Secondary Financing: Second mortgage options let you tap into your property equity for acquiring assets or doing renovations.

CMHC Financing

Diverse Loan Terms: Your unique projects deserve tailored financing. Choose from a diverse range of loan terms aligned with your objectives and timeline.

Enhanced Loan-to-Value Ratios: Our CMHC specialists assess higher loan-to-value ratios, giving you the financial leverage to confidently pursue your multi-family property goals.

Extended Amortizations for Sustainable Growth: Choose extended amortization periods for manageable repayments, supporting your long-term investment success.

Bridge Financing

Short-term loans, lasting three months to two years, offer flexible terms and are perfect for transitioning to standard financing, property sales, ownership restructuring, improvements, or tenant roster enhancements.

Construction Financing

Whether CMHC insured or conventional, provide you funding for multi-family property construction or renovation, typically with a focus on purpose built rentals.

Key CMHC Programs


Standard CMHC Financing:

Ideal for purchasing or refinancing multi-family properties, offering favourable loan terms for investors.


CMHC Multi-Family Construction Loans: For new construction or major renovations, with lower premiums and insured borrowing rates.


MLI Select: Enhances affordability, energy efficiency, and accessibility with higher loan-to-value ratios and reduced insurance premiums.

*Financing eligibility conditional meeting program criteria

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