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Commercial Resources & FAQ

Access valuable resources and get answers to frequently asked questions for informed commercial mortgage decisions.

  • How do I apply for business financing?
    You can start the application process by contacting our dedicated team directly at or call 833-777-8339
  • What types of businesses do you provide financing for?
    We offer financing solutions for a diverse range of businesses, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and established corporations.
  • Is collateral required for business financing?
    Collateral requirements may vary based on the type of financing and your business profile. Our team will work with you to find the most suitable arrangement.
  • What factors do you consider in the approval process for business financing?
    Our approval process takes into account factors such as your business's credit history, financial performance, and the purpose of the financing. Our goal is to tailor solutions to your unique needs.
  • How quickly can I expect a decision on my financing application?
    We understand the importance of timely decisions. Our team strives to provide prompt responses, and the timeline can vary based on the complexity of your application.
  • Do you offer flexible repayment terms?
    Yes, we offer flexible repayment terms tailored to accommodate your business's cash flow and financial circumstances.
  • What is the difference between business financing and franchise financing?
    Business financing is designed for general business needs, while franchise financing specifically caters to the unique financial requirements of franchise businesses, covering aspects such as franchise fees and equipment procurement.
  • How can I learn more about your franchise financing options?
    For detailed information on franchise financing, please email our dedicated franchise financing team at or call 647-333-3120 explore our franchise financing page on the website.
  • What documents are required for the financing application process?
    The documentation requirements may vary, but commonly requested documents include financial statements, business plans, and relevant legal documents. Our team will guide you through the specific requirements based on your application.
  • Is there a maximum or minimum amount for financing?
    Financing amounts can vary based on your business needs and financial profile. Our team will work with you to determine the most suitable financing amount for your requirements.
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